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About App

Music is undeniably the most accessible form of entertainment. Listen to an unusual music being played in several different places and sing your own favourite songs. Also, you may now link to your smartphone and use a full-featured music app on your Android devices.

Along with the well-known Spotify, Android users may enjoy Resso, a fantastic music streaming app. Enjoy high-quality music on your mobile devices with this fantastic Moon Video app. Simply use headphones or your dynamic stereo speakers to enjoy fantastic tunes. Resso's enormous music catalogue will undoubtedly amaze you.

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What does it do?

What does it do

In Resso, Android users may enjoy the wonderful music streaming app with thousands of contemporary and gorgeous tunes. Enjoy the huge internet collection and listen to music whenever and wherever you like. Discover fantastic music selections that fit your emotions and interests.

Enjoy working with the easy-to-use playback interface. Enjoy singing along with your words synchronised to the rhythm. Enable various track options and adjustments to make the app more fun to use.

It also exposes you to a fantastic music community that you can freely engage with. Feel free to discuss music with other music fans from across the globe. Participate in the app's helpful community and enjoy your music to the utmost.


If you're interested, you can just download the free app from Google Play Store and start using the various features. To fully enjoy the app, you will need to unlock some advertising and in-app purchases.
And, like many other Android applications, Resso asks for system access permissions. So, when you initially open the programme, you must allow its requests. It is also advised that your devices run the newest software, ideally Android 5.0 or above.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Exploit the vast internet music library

Starting with the vast internet music collection with thousands of properly licenced tunes. Discover high-quality music that will please even the most discerning audiophiles. With regular upgrades, the app will enable you to enjoy the best music experiences.

Listen to clever lyrics on your favourite songs.

Users will have access to smart music lyrics in Resso, which include handy settings and dazzling synchronizations to keep you entertained. You may sing along to your favourite songs and the words will stop when you pause. You may finish the songs without changing the playback choices. You may effortlessly post your music on any social networking site using the provided lyric quotations, as well as create intriguing visual experiences.

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